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At HumanDrive we start by asking to critical questions: What? How?

We help our clients to operalise strategy, identify competence gaps and add competence where needed.


We help owners identify their options, the choices they face and assist them through the subsequent process of implementation.

Executive Search & Selection

Capacity and competence requirements in management are needs that we adress. We focus on:


  • Value based leadership

  • Global markets – local influence

  • Relationship based management

  • Agility and adjustability

  • Leadership in a world with multiple communication arenas

  • Management of knowledge based companies


We invest time to make sure we have a thorough understanding of our clients businesses, both at the macro and micro level, including the key drivers and how these are strengthened by good management.


Recruitiment of Professionals

Professionals are typically involved in everything from creating interest to delivery and repeat business, and are the foundation of the enterprise. 


Key traits to look out for are:

  • Communication skills

  • Ability to process new information and put into practice

  • Ability to share information with and train others

  • Curiosity

  • Commercial sense

Board services - search, selection and evaluation

The enterprise's strategy and competitive positioning define the required competences a for a well functioning board. At HumanDrive we start by listening to the owners and their views before we study the business model and strategy in order to understand the challenges and possibilities that face the enterprise. The company's Corporate Social Responsibilities versus all stakeholders is also an important dimension today. 

HumanDrive offers the following services:

  • Define needs and requirements for board members

  • Search for potential candidates through our network and other sources

  • Selection and evaluation of qualified candidates

  • Evaluation of current board members. Identification of gaps vs desired competences 

  • Advise election committee on best course of action

Corporate Action

With HumanDrive as your advisor you will get a clear view over the strategic choices and a solid understanding of the consequences for both owners and management. Common topics are:


  • Acquisition vs organic growth

  • Merger with a competior

  • Preparing the business for a sale

  • Handing ower to the next generation or new owners

Management Due Dilligence

A leaders track record can be a good indicator - but is not necessarily enoughif the new task demands requires very different competencies. Success in coming up with new ideas means little if operationalising a strategy is what is needed.  The ability to lead a mature compnay or a subsidiary in "in fair weather conditions" is not a good perdictor of behaviour when a storm arrives. Nor is the evaluation of others based your own preferences.


Leading a company during a period of transition or change requires an ability to manoever in unchartered waters.  To be able to bring the rest of the team on board for the journey - management, employees, owners, customers, suppliers, authorities and so forth. To utilise the available resources wisely and create results for the team. To be speedy but controlled. To instil confidence in the team and gain their trust.

Talent Acquisition

All organisations want to attract the right people and small and mid sized companies often need help with this. Through our programmes, developed jointly with our clients, we ensure that people with the right profile are available when the need arise.  We alos help our clients communicating their "brand" in an honest and credible manner.

Career development

Have you reached a crossroads? Do you need guidance and sound advice about what to do next in your career? Are you unsure what options are available to you?


We can help you to "structure" the process making it easier to indentify your options and how to postituon yourself to get to where you want to be. Feel free to contact us for an informal converations.

HumanDrive's partners are certified users of the CEB-SHL tools for personality and competencies testing. 

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